Live: Mykki Blanco – Booty Bamboo

Mykki Blanco (ne: Michael Quattlebaum Jr.) is a transgendered, African American rapper, performance artist from New York City. Booty Bamboo is produced by Amnesia Scanner and has been described by Pitchfork magazine as, a raucous free-form affair in which Blanco growls about having “No love for the squeaky types” while cutting a rug in the club.  [It] sounds like the digital recreation of an 18-wheeler having ignition troubles—it’s got the kind of mass that would slot it at the very bottom of the periodic table.”

His live performance of the track in Saigon in April 2014, saw him crawling, rolling and moshing around the audience. This really wasn’t a performance for the squeaky clean types. It was hard. It was fierce. It was Mykki.