Behind the Scene: Na Dai Kang from YanLive

As CEO of Yan TV’s newest integrated marketing and events branch, YanLive, Na Dai Kang is the driving force behind some of Saigon’s biggest live events featuring local names in Vietnamese music.

With years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures in both the IT and culinary fields, Na Dai came to Saigon from Canada in the mid-2000s. After arriving he wasted no time in setting up a talent recruitment agency, working with models, actors and musicians.

The project eventually led him to a position at Vietnam’s most respected music label at the time, Music Faces. It was after this that he landed a role with the only 24 hour Vietnamese owned music channel, YanTV. Na Dai organizes its live music events with Vietnamese acts and crowds in the tens of thousands.

Na Dai’s read on what will draw in big numbers comes from his understanding of the Vietnamese music industry. “A lot of people come here thinking that music should be done a certain way, and that if they produce that kind of music here, it’ll work in this industry. But the people that come here and are successful are the people that slowly transition different elements and blend them with local pop music in Vietnam. I think that’s what needs to happen to bring new sounds here.”

His concept was put into action with the YanLive club tour, Sound Nation, which brought together local artists and international DJs. Now, with music trends like EDM and hip-hop taking hold in Vietnam, Na Dai and YanLive continue to bring new sounds to Vietnam’s music scene.