Behind the Scene: Jase Nguyen from The Beats Saigon

Jase Nguyen has become an integral part of the Saigon music scene, and for many, he deserves a great deal of credit for the speed of its growth. Originally from Saigon, Jase moved to Sydney at the age of 16. It was there that he honed his skills as a DJ and later began to throw his own parties with friends. Jase came back to Saigon in 2006 to help build up the music scene with his own unique and daring projects. He started by holding a small event at Le Pub, setting up some turntables and performing an exclusively vinyl set to a full house. The response to his drum and bass was overwhelmingly positive, and almost seven years later, Jase is not only still DJing, but also bringing over international artists in growing numbers.

His first project was The Beats Saigon, which he created to “bring more beat-based music to Saigon and steadily bring in more international bands and DJs”. He keeps things simple with the Beats Saigon shows, letting the music speak for itself. Since 2007, he has brought in a host of big name acts, including DJ Premier, a legend from the golden era of hip-hop, Onra and Mono/Poly. He has also founded the monthly Bass Republic night, delivering bass-driven tunes to a local and foreign audience. Jase is positive about the future of the scene in Vietnam: “As long as you are doing it with a passion and keeping it consistent, then things will continue to improve,” he says.