Behind the Scene: Edge Pamute from dOSe

In 2007, Edge Pamute moved to Saigon from the Philippines, where he had already made a major name for himself in the music scene. The “global party export”, dOSe, is the joint brainchild of Edge and two collaborators Jan and Sunny, from Europe and the US respectively.

Edge began as a DJ, spinning anything and everything that he thought could get a dance floor moving and after a chance encounter in Manila with future dOSe partner, Sunny, he dove into the deep end of the party scene.

Fed up with the bottle service style parties and strict dress code at most of the local clubs in Manila, Edge teamed up with Sunny to throw a party that was just about the music. The pair put on a massive electronic dance party at the national library, trashing the space and making the front page of the next day’s newspaper. He remains banned from the property.

Once Edge made the move to Ho Chi Minh City, he brought the same level of energy, but began on a decidedly smaller scale. His first dOSe event was held at La Fenetre de Soleil, an intimate venue that brought in around 100 guests. However, not long after, dOSe events grew to draw in over a thousand.

dOSe is now one of the most respected names in the music scene in Saigon, collaborating with local and international DJs and other Saigon promoters to host such events as Escape Festival — a massive outdoor electronic music event.

Edge says he chooses what he’s sure will provide the most “eclectic grooves that make you move”. His position with Vietnamese media powerhouse, YanTV, coupled with his decades of experience mean he is set to continue pushing the boundaries of music in Saigon.