Behind the Scene: DJ Knappe

First and foremost an eclectic DJ, Christian Knappe has had a hand in many music projects in Saigon. He’s a member of Saigon Rockers, The Beats Saigon and the institute of Lower Learning (iLL), among others.

When Christian arrived in Saigon fourteen years ago, he brought promotions experience from France where he was involved with everything from small parties to major electronic festivals.

A former bar-owner, he began in the music scene with the Jetlag team, a group of artists that operated as purveyors of diverse electronic music.

Soon after, Jetlag began holding events in the coastal city of Mui Ne, where the space allowed for bigger, festival-style shows. However, after what Christian describes as a period of “growing up and having babies”, Jetlag fell to the wayside. After a period of independent DJing, Christian began working with The Beats Saigon and Saigon Rockers.

Today, Christian continues with what he describes as “behind the scenes” duties, and regularly takes on the dual roles of promoter and DJ at his events. His diverse musical tastes allow him to play a prominent role in the reggae, bass and electronic music scenes.