Artist Profile: Postiljonen

| Written by: Matt Kelly


“Summery Dream Pop for lazy days and dreamy nights,” is how Mia from the Swedish band “Postiljonen” describes their music. She might just be right. Postiljonen formed as we know them today, in April 2012. They feel as if they were all at similar points in their life when they met, almost like they believe it was fate.

Postiljonen are made up of Mia, Joel and Daniel and together they make a sound that fits perfectly with the Scandinavian forests and river landscapes that they come from. Dreamy synthesisers roll like hills, while drums meander like rivers through the soundscape; changing from trickling streams into crashing rapids – while Mia’s ethereal voice floats over it all providing a distinctly human touch. Her voice is soft, but with subtle power, providing both meaning and melody. Everything combines to create an audio version of one of those dreams you have just before you wake up in the morning. It’s a beautiful feeling and it’s a feeling that  Postiljonen excel in eliciting.  In some tracks saxophones take the lead playing homage to the house music of the late 80’s and early 90’s; while another track is a very original reworking of the famous Whitney Houston song, “How Will I Know?” It’s the type of music that is made for sitting at the top of a mountain, thinking of times gone by while watching the mid-summer sun barely dip below the horizon.

Their debut album “Skyer” was released in July 2013 and since then the band have toured widely travelling as far as China and Vietnam. They’ve released an EP of remixes called “All That We Have Is Lost”. The album came out to positive reviews with many listeners suggesting that the strength of the music was the nostalgia that it conjured up, creating a different experience for everyone who hears it. It’s an interesting thought that music can touch something inside of us, something that we had left behind in our minds, and after listening to a few Postiljonen tracks I think you can understand why this band seem to get a very similar reaction from listeners. In an interview just after the album was released Mia mentioned that their music was really just the soundtrack to their collective memories and that feeling of memory and nostalgia is oozing out of their creations. They take you on a journey with each song managing to blend pop sensibilities with progressive sounds coming together in a hazy, cold outside but warm inside package which just makes you feel really good. What more can you ask for?